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Stop! Stop trying to “make” it a great day, and begin to “create” your great day. The reasoning is because you were created by a creative God; He specializes in CREATING and not making. Beloved, you can make a cake because you have all of the ingredients. You have the flour, eggs, milk, etc. If you have all the ingredients you can make it. God wanted me to tell you that there are going to be days in your life when you will not have all the “ingredients” to make a great day; so stop “making” and begin CREATING.

There is a difference in “making” vs. “creating.” As we read in Genesis Chapter 1 notice that God did not make the heavens and earth, God created heaven and earth. God had to create it because He did not have anything to start from. If you look even more closely, the only thing God had was chaos. The first 5 verses of the Bible inform us that God brought order out of chaos. Did you get it? That word right there was just for you! Chaos always precedes order. Look at how the earth was described: void, darkness, and empty. Sometimes these adjectives describe may describe the various seasons in our lives. At some time or another we have found something about our lives that can be described with words such as “formless”, “empty”, and “dark.” You feel as if there is no hope – that everything is formless and empty, and that darkness covers everything- darkness in the mind, darkness on the job, darkness in the schools, darkness in the neighborhood and yes even sometimes darkness in the midst of the church. In darkness, you cannot see. In darkness you stumble and fall. That is what the devil will do to us. He will make it so we are unable to see. In darkness we cannot see our God-given vision. It is crucial that we understand that darkness can’t steal the vision but makes it so that you cannot see the vision. If any of the above describes you, I am so glad that you stopped by to read this blog because in Genesis 1 there is a life-changing word for you after reading and digesting these next few steps. I guarantee that you will internally take another great leap into your destiny and no longer “make it a great day” but CREATE your great day- your great life.

Your creative power is found in the first few verses of Genesis. You have that power because God said,through Jesus, you will not only be able to do what I have done, but you will do greater!

There are 3 powerful elements that were involved in the creation. To bring order out of chaos, you have already been endowed with 3 prevailing elements:

First, God used his MIND. God had a vision of how he wanted heaven and earth to look. God did not use the present state of heaven and earth to dictate the future of heaven and earth. The vision was beyond the present reality. Beloved, you must see yourself beyond your present state. God has more. You may being saying, “Where I am is great, all is well.” Guess what, God has even more! As a matter of fact, if your vision is not larger than your present reality you need to re-envision because God can do more than you can ever think or imagine. Nevertheless, it is important that our mind is focused. If the enemy can keep your mind off of God and the promises that He has spoken over your life then the enemy has you right where he wants you. When we focus our minds on the pain, the trouble, the dilemma, the fault, and the hassle it is difficult to envision healing, breakthrough, forgiveness, joy or that open door. Use your MIND!

Secondly, God used his MOUTH. The vision that was in his mind he spoke it with his mouth. In the midst of chaos, God begin to speak order. Don’t allow the enemy to muzzle your tongue as it relates to the goodness of the Lord or what the Lord has promised you. You must begin to speak those things that are not as though they are. A closed mouth never gets fed. My brother, my sister, open up your mouth and begin to speak the word of God over that situation. Begin speaking to God with a spirit of expectation. Don’t limit God by your personal limitations. Use your MOUTH!

Finally, we see the Spirit hovering over. You may have experienced flying and sometimes once you have reached your destination, Air Traffic Control has not cleared the plane for landing so the plane hovers over the airport. That is what the Spirit was doing- waiting for something to land on, waiting for God to speak so that it can give LIFE. Beloved, don’t be satisfied with the Spirit just hovering over you. Give the Spirit permission to land. Allow the Spirit to land on your God-given vision. Clear the way for the Spirit to land on your goals. The Spirit is hovering over your life- ready to bring LIFE to those dead situation but you have to SPEAK. You have to open your mouth. I promise that if you do that, watch chaos transform into order in your life. Use the SPIRIT!

One more thing. God dropped into my spirit for you that it took Him 6 days to create heaven and earth. Each time we brought order out of a chaotic situation, God celebrated. Beloved, make sure you celebrate each step you make. Celebrate each milestone, each objective; it doesn’t matter how big or small. CELEBRATE! God did, God said, “IT’S GOOD!” Create a great…


D.K. Kearney.



Earlier in the week I shared with you about a dream that I had about Elder Christyne Williams, one of my greatest inspirations in ministry, really in life. Today, I want to share the FOCAL point of the dream with the hopes that you will be INPOWERED to keep on keeping on no matter what challenges you face.

In the dream I shared that I had to go into the kitchen to see her. She walked right by me and walked into the kitchen. I asked God, later that day, “Why the kitchen? Why did I have to go into the kitchen and embrace and engage in a conversation with her?” Here is what the Lord said to me, and I want to say to you: THE KITCHEN IS THE PLACE OF PREPARATION! The kitchen is the room set aside for food PREPARATION. It is usually equipped with a sink, dishwasher, cabinets, countertops, refrigerator and stove. Every piece of equipment that is found in the kitchen is to aide in the process of PREPARATION. That thought alone has me ready to shout right now!

Never loathe over your “kitchen time,” – your season of preparation. I used to wrestle with discouragement. Often times I was ready to give up too soon, too fast because of the various challenges that I faced. One such time I prayed to God, asking, seeking his help and guidance. God spoke to me. He said, “Daryl, trust the confidence that I put in you at first!” Beloved, sometimes life will challenge your level of confidence, not only in yourself, but in God. You are running the race that is set before you, doing the very best that you can, making sure that you do all that God has asked of you, you look up and there is a hill that you have to run up. You get tired, weary, really out of breath and your mind begins to tell you, “You can’t go any further!” My brother, my sister, tell your mind to hush, because what is blowing into your mind, into your body, and yes your spirit is a 2ND WIND. There is a mantra in the fitness world called 2ND WIND! It speaks about when getting to the point of exhaustion, catch your 2ND WIND! To catch a second wind is to renew energy or strength and/ or return of relatively easy breathing.
Look at what happened in the life of David, in 1 Samuel 30: 6David was greatly distressed, for the men spoke of stoning him because the souls of them all were bitterly grieved, each man for his sons and daughters. But David encouraged and strengthened himself in the Lord his God. 7David said to Abiathar (uh-BI-uh-thahr) the priest, Ahimelech’s (uh-HIM-uh-lek) son, I pray you, bring me the ephod. And Abiathar (uh-BI-uh-thahr) brought him the ephod.

What a horrendous day in the life of this anointed man of God. Think of what must have gone on throughout David’s mind as he stood over the burning remains of his home, not knowing whether his family was dead or alive. He must have asked the question that we often ask God in the midst of our storms, “Why?” “Why, if God is with me, did Saul try to kill me? Why was he so insanely jealous over me? Why, if I have been anointed, did I have to escape to Gath acting like an insane fool? Why, if God’s Spirit is upon me, guiding me, did I have to hide out in caves? Why, if I’m a man {woman} after God’s heart, did I have to live in the wilderness, hunted down like a wild animal?”
You may feel or have felt like David. Beloved, God has you in the “kitchen.” Look at what David asked for, he asked for his worship garb. While in the midst of worship, God gave David his 2ND WIND; because he put WORSHIP before warfare. The text tells us that David “recovered ALL!”

I want to encourage you today, catch your 2ND WIND! It is not over yet, catch your 2nd WIND, don’t give up now, catch your 2nd WIND. Keep pressing, keep trusting, keep praising, keep worshiping, and watch God breathe his Ruach on you, your 2ND WIND! And you will recover ALL!


D.K. Kearney
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