Because of who God is,

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D. K. Kearney is the beloved Pastor of Turner Memorial AME
Church in Hyattsville, MD. D. K. Kearney is known as a powerful
preacher of the Gospel, cutting edge leader of God’s people as well
as a Leadership Coach. He has helped many to reach their fullest
potential and restore their life and community. Rev. Kearney has
courageously refused to accept mediocrity in ministry. He is
biblically based and Holy Spirit led which has exhibited
transformations in the lives of the congregations he has served. Rev.
Kearney’s extraordinary vision, unconventional leadership and
prophetic calling has the congregations to grow in worship, mission
and service, faith development, stewardship and fellowship.

Dr. Kearney is the founder and president of INPower Ministry
Group LLC. Distinguishing himself as an author, D. K. Kearney
uses INPower Ministry Group as a mechanism to continue spreading his ministry gifts through
relevant, timely, and spirit-filled messages, devotionals, postings, and encouraging moments of
meditation. Furthermore, Rev. Kearney utilizes and pushes others through the leadership-based
ministry to discover, develop, and deploy their God given gift for community transformation.
On April 24, 2015 D. K. Kearney was assigned to serve as the illustrious pastor of Turner
Memorial AM.E. Church in Hyattsville, MD. His His 20 plus years of pastoral experience and 30 years of ministerial experience has prepared Rev. Kearney for innovative, cutting edge ministry and leadership for Hyattsville, MD, which will bring healing, restoration, vitality and empowerment to the people of Prince George’s County, MD and surrounding areas.
Dr. Kearney has prepared himself educationally,
having received a Bachelor of Science in Education
from Morris Brown College ’96; a Masters of Divinity
from Payne Theological Seminary ’00 in Wilberforce,
Ohio. He earned his Doctor of Ministry Degree in May
2018 from Payne Theological Seminary with a focus
in Liberation Theology. Rev. Kearney is a certified
Leadership Assessment Coach, specializing in
Executive Dimensions Benchmark, Prospector 360 by
Design, & Skill Scope.
Personally, Rev. Kearney is father of two daughters Ve’Andra and Janelle. He is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Rev. Kearney has embraced one of his favorite scriptures as the motto of his life.
“I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait on the Lord, and be of good courage- wait I say on the Lord.”


2 thoughts on “Because of who God is,

  1. Hey Mr. Kearney my name is Anthony Epps I haven’t seen you since I was a little fella. My brother Charles was your childhood best friend. I thought of you today because Sam Young passed. I don’t know why you were the first person I thought about. I hope all has been well for you. We came a long way from Glendale and Northwood Circle. Keep doing what you’re doing my brother. Love always

  2. i would like to hear a lot of your preaching if possible. i am even prepared to buy them. i am touched by being willing without a maybe

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